9th-10th March, 2024
3:30 pm - 5:30 pm + Q&A

The Heart of Parenting: Understand Your Child Better

Riddhi Deorah

Parenting Expert
Founder of Easy Parenting Hub
Community (3000+ Mothers Learning)
516000 followers on Instagram

How to get answers to all the parenting questions that parents will come with once you become a parenting coach?
How to overcome resistance and start implementing your knowledge with a community and group of facilitators?
How to unlock abundance in health, relationship, career and money to design the life that you have always dreamt of?


A mother who wants to build a happy family

A mother who wants to get certified as a parenting coach

A mother who wants to become financially independent

A mother who wants to unlock abundance in health, relationship, career and money

A mother who wants to upgrade her energy and influence others

A mother who wants to do her best for her child/children


Myth #1

It need to have a perfect child before I become a parenting coach

Myth #2

I need a lot of time to become a certified parenting coach

Myth #3

I don’t need to learn about parenting because I don’t want to get certified as a coach


1. Genius in You

How to bring out the best in you by overcoming your personal resistances and insecurities?

2. Genius in Your Child

How to bring out the genius in your child by giving them the right values and knowledge?

3. Spark in Your Relationship

How to make your relationship shine and inspire with time?

4. Different Parenting Models

How to become the most effective parenting coach through knowledge trader, skill training and attitude transformation?

5. Build a Happy Family

How to build a happy home for yourself, your child and everyone around you?

6. Become Financially Independent

How to start your journey towards financial independence and never have to ask for money again?


Strong Foundation

How to build a strong foundation as a parenting coach to help your own family and motivate other parents?

Right Environment

How to be in the right environment to get inspired and motivated to move forward?

Massive Action & Growth

How to overcome resistances and take action leading to growth and success?


Hi, I’m Riddhi Deorah
I am a parenting expert and I have helped more than 500,000 mothers over the last 8 years and have a following of more than 5,16,000 on Instagram.

My parenting tips help mothers do better for themselves and their children. 

I have been fortunate enough to have learnt about parenting from some of the best mentors across the world and conduct parenting workshops for top corporations like EY, Walmart, KPMG, etc.

I have also been featured by top publications like the Times of India, Hindustan Times and some international publications like US Times, Paxjones, etc.

I am on a mission to help mothers feel confident, creative and courageous.
My passion to help mothers has helped me build a UNIQUE system that is helping transform the lives of mothers and children across the world.

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This course is beautifully designed

Today I feel so blessed to write here that I have successfully completed 15 weeks of the Parenting module curated by Riddhi Ma’am this course has been beautifully designed and all the content is crisp clear and easy to understand. It has helped me a lot in my parenting journey and now I am ready to serve other parents. Thank you so much, ma’am.

– Shagun Arora

The content is simple, interactive and experimental

All the classes and content are simple, interactive, and experiential. I got sooo… inspired by fellow mothers that I started a small what’s app group and started coaching gradually. Initially, I had a hesitation to start as a coach. But now this happened because of Riddhi’s constant encouragement and guidance.
Only after starting coaching, did I get so many ideas to implement. I’m So happy that I am at least helping few mothers.

– Supraja Mallela

I am growing as a persona, mom and as a partner

What life can give better than having a mentor like Riddhi mam?
The way I am growing as a person, mom, partner… Is the way Riddhi mam is giving her positivity to us and all the learnings she is providing are so easy to understand and easily inherent in daily life. My problems are no longer troubling me….. I’m being confident creative and courageous mother and human now… Thank you universe for accepting my gratitude and sending me Riddhi as a mentor… She is so humble, down to earth, and always available for her tribe members.

– Neha Jain