How To Raise Ourselves Before We Raise Our Children

A book that can transform your life forever 

What You’ll Learn in
Practice Proud Parenting

#1 Learn things to practice to become a proud parent 

Practice Proud Parenting will raise your energy and will help you unlock your true potential. 

#2 Learn how to get prepared for your child 

You will learn how to get ready for your child. This will help you deal with your child calmly and reduce the power struggles that you might be facing at the moment. 

#3 Learn how to manage your expectations

People and things don’t make us unhappy. Unrealistic expectations make us unhappy. 

This book will teach you how to manage your expectations and take charge of your happiness. 

Learn About The Author
Riddhi Deorah

Riddhi Deorah is an entrepreneur and founder of Easy Parenting Hub. Under her company Easy Parenting Hub, Riddhi creates many digital and physical products for both parents and children. 

Riddhi is a graduate from Cambridge and London School of Economics, UK. Riddhi Deorah is a certified Parenting Expert & Life Coach. Riddhi’s contribution to the field of parenting has been immense. 

She has hosted parenting workshops for top corporations like Ernst & Young, Marsh, Walmart, KPMG, Citrix, Emerson, and F&S Global to name a few. She has hosted 200+ virtual parenting workshops and done 250+ one on one calls with mothers to get a deeper insight into different parenting challenges. Riddhi has been recognized by media houses like Times of India and Hindustan Times. Riddhi is on a mission to help 100,000 mothers become more confident, creative, and courageous.

What's Inside

You will get access to the 5 Secrets that will help transform your journey as a parent. With each secret, you will feel more empowered and liberated

This book is for you if you are -

A parent who is looking for transformation

A parent who is willing to learn

A parent who is going to take action

A parent who is exhausted but never appreciated

A parent who wants to do a lot more than she feels she is doing at the moment

A parent who is willing to raise an independent child

A parent who is willing to raise a happy child

A parent who is willing to grow herself both personally and professionally

A parent who is willing to make her journey as a mother a lot more enriching

A parent who is willing to share what she learns 

A parent who is committed to her growth

If you think you are this parent, then do not let anything stop you from learning these secrets. By learning these secrets, you will help not just yourself but will also help your child.


I found her concepts very appropriate & crisp which help you in your parenting journey. Really appreciated her input on acknowledging kids' emotions as one does with grown-ups, valuing relationships in general which at times we take for granted, handling kids' tantrums in a positive manner.
Divya Kapoor Malhotra
You provide very constructive knowledge that can be applied in everyday situations. My baby is 5months old and I want to prepare myself in the best way possible so as to create a happy journey for me, my son, and my husband. A journey that I would want to look back at and pat myself on the shoulder saying “you did well Vashvi”
Vashvi Sadh:
Riddhi offers a lot of practical suggestions that are easy to practice. I have a bunch of takeaways and am looking forward to making these changes to address my parenting challenges.

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